Velocity Marketing Support Program

  • The Velocity Marketing Support Program delivers business solutions to ensure survival, growth and performance.

    COG Branding provides Australian Businesses proven full service brand and marketing support.


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  • Partner & Perform!
    We’re Your Solutions Partner.

    COG Branding is focused on providing a premium in marketing solutions for Small To Medium Enterprises in Australia.

    Our purpose is to support our clients with the right marketing strategy and support for their products and services.

    We know our clients are short on time, budget and resources so our marketing solutions are effective and common sense.

    We Make Sense Of The Tech Jargon.

    We Communicate Clearly.

    We Demand Results.

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What Should You Expect From The Velocity Marketing Program?

Together, we first build a trusted relationship and communicate together. Steadily we deliver you results, month on month pushing your business in the right direction, performing and growing.

  • V is Value. Velocity = Value.

    The Velocity Program includes business strategy, graphic design, digital marketing, advertising campaigns, technical software support, advice and solutions. All at call on a month to month basis.

    Velocity includes all conceptual design and production of brand assets, including the deployment of owned media and performance paid campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, the Google Search and Display Ad Networks, Email Marketing and SEO.

    The Velocity Program is a smart approach to owned media for SME’s that utilise both print and digital marketing channels to deliver growth, build brand equity and increase engagement within your brand story.

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How Velocity Marketing Support Achieves Success For You.

We’re ‘Owned Media’ advocates, and ‘Technology Experts’.

This simply means we’d rather your business creates long term sustainability in your brand and marketing efforts (as opposed to giving Facebook and Google more money), and we will use the most sophisticated technology to ensure performance and sustainability in the long term for your business.

Essentially, COG Branding are a Australian full service solutions company utilizing the latest digital marketing technologies mixed with traditional business strategies. We consider your whole business engine and company footprint to ensure all brand touch-points and assets work together synergistically to achieve broader survival and growth goals.

If your business doesn’t have a brand – we’ll build you one.

Our Marketing experts know that Australian businesses need advice with complicated digital marketing and web based technologies. Our team is here to make sure the business makes the most considered decisions before wasting time and money.

The Velocity Marketing Program is serviced by real people across the key disciplines of Strategy, Digital, Design, Print and Promo. We’re here to make sense of the complicated stuff via planning, calendars, reports, accountability and results.

Our process looks like this…


Our Brand Marketing Agency is focused on the delivery of real service and business support that pursues growth and results. From years of experience managing clients from all corners of the globe, our Aussie team knows that the most successful brands are the ones that treat their relationships seriously.

The Velocity Marketing Support Program is a partnership.
No locked in contract, just a month to month managed support agreement that starts with a strategic discussion and concluding with a detailed report and phone call.

The Velocity Marketing Support Program will achieve business growth and engage your customers to take action against your offers. This is an offer to take steps in scaling up with a team of professionals behind your business, and know that it is a step to nurturing a sustainable future for your business with a powerful brand.

Begin Your Velocity Marketing Partnership With COG Branding.
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Some Of The Technology Solutions The Velocity Program Use.

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The Australian Government and Deloitte engaged COG Branding and our Velocity Program to assist Australian SME’s onboard technology and make sense of the platforms like Facebook, Google and eCommerce.



  • We’re an established and trusted Sydney marketing agency that understands the problems small to medium sized businesses face.

    Velocity Delivers Your Business Solutions.


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Our Focus Is To Ensure Australian Businesses Survives, Grows, Performs.

  • COG Branding, the Sydney Branding Agency. Building Australian Brands To Be Robust, Sustainable, Offering High Value and remaining Competitive.

    We’re an experienced Sydney Branding Agency with an inhouse team. At call during business hours for you, our senior management demands our team to maintain a high attention to detail, strategic thinking and good old fashioned hard work to be behind our support for you.

    The COG Branding focus is to support our clients with valuable and truthful knowledge that assists their business remain healthy, competitive and strong during tough economic times. Our Sydney brand and marketing team pursue this via the sophisticated use of digital technology and software that is most appropriate for small to medium sized Australian businesses. When we start solving our clients problems together – our partnerships prosper.

    We know not all Australian businesses understand brand, or if they even have one. Via the Velocity Marketing Program we will refine your brand, and drive it into the most appropriate position in the market place. Velocity discovers the resources in your business and how that can be utilised in the marketing strategy.

    Our team will build on your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and work on your VP (Value Proposition) to accelerate brand repair and marketing performance, with the key focus of a sustainable approach to business growth.
    The Velocity Program also creates a strategy to communicate the USP and VP to your exisiting customers and engage your new audience in the short and long terms.

    Our Sydney branding agency is 100% Australian owned, operated and employees Australian residents who all work out of our Sydney location. We’re proud of this and celebrate this reality with our client partners who run similar Aussie businesses. We all get the best results when we each appreciate that we all work our hearts out to maintain a competitive and prosperous business.

  • Australian businesses are unique. We’re not tech titans from the United States, we’re not competing with a dominant currency and our Australian Business culture is only now slowly catching up in web and internet technologies.

    This realistic and truthful summation of the Australian internet landscape is important. Why? Simply because through our work with The Australian Government, and Deloitte (the worlds largest accounting firm), statistically SME’s (small to medium enterprises) account for over 90% of our nations business footprint. Here we have discovered that a large portion of Australian businesses are far behind the rest of the world in regards to technology, software, websites and digital marketing.

    The COG Branding products and services are specifically built around providing Australian Small to Medium sized businesses the most logical, appropriate and value for money brand and marketing solutions. Our Sydney Marketing Agency key skill is that we understand that each business is unique, has certain factors that determine it’s market position and that at some point the business owner has poured blood, sweat and tears into the company to ensure the business pays the rent, pays the team and staff and supports the Australian dream.

    At our core we’re a Sydney business marketing consultant and branding service. At call during your business hours with a full team that are career professionals in brand strategy, business advisory, graphic design, digital marketing and website development, marketing promotions and print design and printing.

    Our entire team is aware of the all important bottom line of our clients. Our brand and marketing team are introduced to terms like EBIT and ROAS early on in their exposure to our clients businesses. None of us is as good as all of us, and knowledge flows freely through our Sydney branding agency like a river. And via this our clients are introduced to common sense solutions, sophisticated web based technologies and a commercial business acumen that ensures COG Branding is a valuable business resource for all Australian companies.

    Call Our Office For A Discussion On How We Can Ensure Your Business Survives!

Real People, Real Office, Real Australian Support.

  • The Velocity Marketing Program has been created to make the scaling and operations of your business more simple for you.

    We know businesses struggle to embrace technology and new digital marketing systems. Our approach has been refined over years of working with thousands of SME’s across Australia. Which is why we created The Velocity Marketing Program for our clients to easily onboard, activate and generate real lasting business sustainability.

    Call today for a comprehensive overview of how the Velocity Marketing Program can help your business.

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Brand Experience

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  • Together We Will Succeed.

    Our business has been structured to ensure we deliver value and the best service to Small to Medium sized businesses across Australia.

    We know that together we can solve your business problems and create a more sustainable process for your business to market your products and services to your targeted audience.

    Our Partnerships are Built to Last.

    We Know Working Together Delivers Results.

    COG Branding Can Deliver Real Business Growth For Your Business.

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Leadership and Experience

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  • COG Branding is led by Luke SullivanA dynamic Sydney-born professional with a diverse design and marketing career. Luke leads the Sydney branding agency as a knowledgeable and dynamic captain at the helm. With professional experience across numerous industries, Lukes’ leadership at COG Branding is brand aware and business considerate, which ensures that all brand and marketing briefs big and small, are driven through to commercial success.

    The benefit of having a Managing Director with professional hands-on-the-tools experience ensures the transfer of real working knowledge throughout the agency. It also offers the COG Branding service offering great depth and an honest transparent value.

    For myself, directing COG Branding has brought truth to the statement ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’. I have a passion for creative design and strategic thinking, these elements will always be at my core. My aim is to have COG Branding Group remain as a respected brand resource for our clients today, and those of tomorrow. What I know to be true is that transforming the brands of our clients to success is a privilege, while it is also a thrill. Creating great business and new relationships is only a phone call away, so get in touch and build your brand with us!



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