COG Branding Sydney Brand & Marketing Agency

The full service branding and marketing company.
Our business units are COG Print, COG Design, COG Digital, COG Strategy.

We are about Project Success for all our clients.

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    Online Print Shop, High Quality Digital & Offset Printing.

    We pursue the highest in quality & production control via carefully planning & years of experience in print media. Our processes achieve commercial success for all our clients as we meet deadlines, budgets & expectations.

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    Graphics & Branding, Print, Corporate, Packaging, Illustration, Advertising, Signage.

    COG Design delivers artistic graphic design & innovative marketing communications to businesses requiring commercial quality & the most dynamic in creativity & ideation.

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    Websites, Social Media, SEO, eCommerce, Mobile, Marketing, Content Production.

    The COG Digital approach is focused on expert processes, rigorous planning and strategic execution. A premium digital service using the latest in web technology, digital apps.

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    Campaign, Brand, Digital, Social, eCommerce, Business, Ideation, Research.

    All our brand strategy and business strategy services are bespoke, skillfully developed to produce accurate, innovative & dynamic solutions for all businesses & markets.

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Think of COG as an integral element to your businesses engine. You set us spinning and we deliver branding solutions. The COG Branding Group launched in 2008, today we service a international client base with all branding and marketing disciplines.






Our branding solutions deliver true measurable results for our clients, which is why we’re entrusted with hundreds of brands.


Our focus is to build brand equity, ensuring business is supported by an active brand delivering success and longevity.

Engage our brand and marketing services from our Sydney based high energy team.
Reach your growth goals and achieve brand success today.

The importance on brand equity in today’s marketing has never been more important.
The pace of our commercial environments demands a reactive and attentive professional branding team and reliable resource.

Our Sydney brand and marketing agency is constantly innovating, testing
and experimenting with new strategies that can deliver better
results and return on brand investment for our clients.

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