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Our business units are COG Print, COG Design, COG Digital, COG Strategy.

We’re the Co-Branding Business Experts – Full Service and Affordable. We are about CoBranding Marketing Success for all our clients.

So, What is ‘Cobranding’?

Cobranding is a marketing strategy (digital, brand, product, print or otherwise) that utilises multiple brand names on products and services as part of a strategic alliance.

COG branding Agency Sydney are “partnership experts, we understand that co-branding encompasses numerous different types of branding collaborations which often involve the brands of at least two businesses.

Each brand in such a strategic partnership contributes its own brand identity to create a unified brand partnership with the help of unique logos, brand characteristics and brand elements.

There is a strategic leverage to be had with Co branding, combining the market strength, brand awareness and positive associations of two or more brands creates a force to be reckoned with.

Cobranding is a useful brand strategy for many companies seeking to increase their customer footprint, bottom line and market share. Co-Branding also allows customer loyalty, brand image and perceived value and cost savings to be realised.

A various array of businesses in retail, fast food or restaurants, automotive industry and electronics manufacturers use cobranding to create brand synergies simply using the independent strengths of the other brand.

Simply put, cobranding as a brand strategy aims to gain market share, increase the bottomline and capitalize on increased customer awareness.


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    Online Print Shop, High Quality Digital & Offset Printing.

    We pursue the highest in quality & production control via carefully planning & years of experience in print media. Our processes achieve commercial success for all our clients as we meet deadlines, budgets & expectations.

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    Graphics & Branding, Print, Corporate, Packaging, Illustration, Advertising, Signage.

    COG Design delivers artistic graphic design & innovative marketing communications to businesses requiring commercial quality & the most dynamic in creativity & ideation.

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    Websites, Social Media, SEO, eCommerce, Mobile, Marketing, Content Production.

    The COG Digital approach is focused on expert processes, rigorous planning and strategic execution. A premium digital service using the latest in web technology, digital apps.

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  • COG-Branding-cog-Strategy

    Campaign, Brand, Digital, Social, eCommerce, Business, Ideation, Research.

    All our brand strategy and business strategy services are bespoke, skillfully developed to produce accurate, innovative & dynamic solutions for all businesses & markets.

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