The Sydney Branding Agency.

  • We’re a Sydney Brand and Marketing Company.

    COG Branding is a Sydney Brand Agency. We’re a marketing communications company that is unique because our entire branding group has the team and resources to deliver small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) at-call ongoing branding and marketing support. We’re deliberately structured to provide the highest value for small businesses in Australia.

    As one of Sydney’s leading branding agencies, our group is structured using the key disciplines of marketing and branding which include design, print, digital, strategy and promotion.

    Our goal is focused on building partnerships with clients using clear and concise communication that flows from your team to ours. We use technology and digital smarts to reach all corners of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth Adelaide and right across Australia.

  • The COG Branding Agency team are brand marketing experts and career professionals, and are here to develop your companies branding and marketing communications with innovative and strategic thinking. We are well networked and a proven Sydney Branding Agency ready to meet your brand and business objectives. A COG Client trusts our ethic and skill when we build their winning brand. The success you achieve as our client is ours too – we share the goodtimes together!

    The Name? Think of the COG Branding as a dynamic cog in your businesses engine. You set our team spinning the full 360 degrees and we will deliver the best full service branding solutions.

    Start a brand agency partnership with a proven and skilled Sydney branding agency.

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We’re the Sydney Branding Agency that are experts at generating ideas
that connect brand to business.

Our focus as a Strategic Brand Agency is to build brand equity for all our clients.
The strategy, digital and design services our marketing agency delivers ensure the brands we are entrusted with are active – delivering business success and longevity.

Think of the COG Branding Group as an integral element to your businesses engine.
You set us spinning and we deliver full service branding solutions.
We launched in 2008 and today service a
international client base with all brand and marketing disciplines.