5 Tips to Take Control of Your Brand

It’s Business Management 101 to control your own brand. If you don’t – the public will first.

Your brand’s image is everything because 77% of leads will independently research you.

Create your visual identity that aligns with your vision and projects the company your target audience wants to work with

Monitor your online reputation so there are no surprises. Ask happy customers to provide reviews on Google, Yelp or other review sites that cater to your market niche

Deliver the experience your clients expect for each and every interaction they have – from the website, customer service, phone conversations and emails sent. Treat customers how you want to be treated if you were a customer.

Network and expand your visibility in your community and on social networks. Building relationships is paramount to brand building and the best way to do so is to help people in ways that set you apart.

Remember, if you have a business, you have a brand. What you do with it is up to you. If your brand aligns with your vision and focuses on the needs of your target audience, it can help attract the right client to your business.